With Microsoft's corporate vice president of retail sales and marketing Peter Moore already claiming that Halo 2 was on track for over $100 million in first-day sales, it seems even that staggering boast could have been underestimated, as unofficial estimates of Halo 2's first day sales in the US and Canada alone have been put at over 2.3 million copies, raking in a whopping $125 million-plus. This beats any film' opening day, ever, and also gives most Hollywood blockbuster opening weekends a run for their money.

Hey you, come back with that last limited edition copy!

Whilst difficult to verify the figures (the leading game-data collector, NPD, may be able to shed some light on it), the news will likely ensure that Halo 2 jumps to the top of the gaming charts for a week at least, and also dislodges Fable's brief stay as the fastest-selling Xbox title. The game also now cements Bungie's god-like status among Xbox gamers, and now as a studio with two massive-selling hits you'd think that they could now conceivably make any game they damn-well feel like, a position enjoyed by very few studios around the world.

No figures are available as yet for the UK sales, which commence today, but as soon as we have them we'll let you know. One thing is for sure - it's gonna be big. Check out our review coming soon.

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