Gameplay for Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC shows off Rabbid Cranky and throwing stuff everywhere

Gameplay for Mario + Rabbids Donkey Kong DLC shows off Rabbid Cranky and throwing stuff everywhere
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Ubisoft has released some new gameplay footage and info for Donkey Kong Adventure, the upcoming DLC for Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle, and it features a lot of Donkey Kong chucking stuff, plus a new character.

The gameplay trailer shows off fan favourite Rabbid Peach teaming up with not only Donkey Kong, but brand new character Rabbid Cranky, a mix Donkey Kong's bad-tempered dad amd Rabbid DNA. Rabbid Cranky retains Cranky Kong's signature beard and cane, but in this incarnation his abilities as an old person are weaponised: Rabbid Cranky's cane, for example, is basically a shot gun, and he has abilities called things like Long Story and Stink Eye. Rabbid Cranky's opinions on e.g. millenials eating too much avocado have yet to be established.

In an interview on Ubi's North American YouTube channel, producer Xavier Manzanares remarks that the team wanted to have a lot of movement and close combat with Donkey Kong, so that it feels very different to the main game. Donkey Kong is able to pick up and throw anything, including cover, explosives and the Rabbid version of his dad. DK also has a Bwananarang that can hit multiple enemies at once, as well as his signature ground pound move.

Apparently the DLC, which is due next month, will take around 10 hours to complete and will come with more than 60 new weapons, new enemies, and four themed zones as part of Donkey Kong Country (Lagoon, Reef, Jungle, and a surprise zone that hasn't been revealed yet).

Donkey Kong Adventure will slot in as a separate island that you can visit at any time provided you've completed World 1 in the main game. As with basically every DLC ever, you'll either need the season pass or to buy it as a standalone to get it.  

Colm Ahern was a big fan of Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle in his review, saying 'Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle probably shouldn’t work, but it does.' When asked if he was excited for the Donkey Kong Adventure DLC he said 'Yes. I am. I like the big monkey.'