GAME expects PlayStation 4 to launch in the UK this year, according to marketing material spotted in store.

The 2013 date is mentioned on inlays promoting the retailer's pre-order campaign, pictured above, which calls for customers to leave a £20 deposit to get in the queue for Sony's upcoming console.

A precise launch date for the console has yet to be announced by Sony, of course, but GAME's marketing offers the third clue from retailers that Sony is gearing up for a 2013 launch for PS4 across Europe.

Earlier this month, GameStop VP Mike Hogan revealed that Sony had plans to launch PS4 "globally in 2013". Then, one week later, ASDA backtracked on comments it made about the console hitting "UK stores at the end of this year".

Last week, Sony revealed that it had already set an internal target date for PS4's launch, suggesting that production on the console is well under way.

Publicly, however, the firm has only confirmed that the console will launch in at least one territory during 'Holiday 2013'.

Source: GAME

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