Microsoft's reversal on Xbox One's DRM policy is "really positive... [for] the gaming community", GAME believes.

Speaking about last night's U-turn at the launch of its Xbox Store in Shoreditch, London, this morning, a GAME representative told "I certainly think for the gaming community, regardless of retail, as the statement from Microsoft appears to have said, they've listened to the gaming community.

"And if that's the one to put at large I guess it's the right decision. So from our point of view it's really positive because it benefits the gaming community."

Asked whether the decision would give GAME a little more flexibility over their future business, thanks to being able to directly set the price of pre-owned software rather than rely on prices being dictated by third-parties - as rumours of Xbox One's previous pre-owned system suggested - divisional general manager Kevin McFeely replied:

"Absolutely. And that was the feedback from customers, not GAME essentially. So I think the customer - certainly the gaming community - will be really, really pleased with the announcement, because again, it just gives them more opportunities and more of a freedom to do what they want."

GAME's comments echo those of US rival GameStop, who said earlier today that it believes the U-turn is "great news for gamers".

Microsoft announced changes to its Xbox One DRM policy last night following widespread criticism from the gaming community.

The console no longer requires daily online authentication and lifts limitations on the use of pre-owned software.