UK retailer GAME has told that it "will continue to work hand-in-hand with publishers" on the resale of pre-owned Xbox One software, and that it is "always listening" to the needs of the UK gaming community.

"We fully understand the importance of pre-owned and trade-in and are committed to ensuring that we are able to offer our customers great consoles and games through a variety of payment methods," a GAME representative said, talking to us about the issue of Xbox One's DRM.

"GAME will continue to work hand-in-hand with publishers as the industry develops, always listening to the UK gaming community to make sure we deliver for them."

GAME's comments suggest that the company will be one of the 'participating retailers' authorised to sell pre-owned Xbox One software.

Details over Xbox One's pre-owned software policies are still to be clarified, but an official Microsoft policy states that "game publishers can enable you to trade in [Xbox One] games at participating retailers".

Microsoft's comments suggest that restrictions on the sale of pre-owned software may be determined by individual publishers, but it isn't yet clear, however, which publishers will permit pre-owned sales and which will not.