Recovering UK retailer GAME is currently running a promotion allowing you to trade-in your old and busted regular 3DS, alongside £79.99 of your own hard-earned money, for the new hotness of the 3DS XL.

The RRP of the 3DS is £174.99, meaning GAME is offering you £95 trade-in value for the regular 3DS. Not a bad deal if you're looking to upgrade - GAME offers only £70 trade-in value outside of this promotion, and most 3DS consoles go for about £80-£90 on eBay where you'll lose a good chunk of that cash from selling fees.

GAME will also chunk in an AC adapter because Nintendo couldn't be bothered to throw one of those in alongside the new big-screened wonder.

To take advantage of the deal you'll to head to your local GAME store. The offer ends on August 9.