by on Oct 3, 2017

Game gifting on Xbox has turned up on the Insider Program

Steam may have put some more restrictions on digital game gifting, but it looks like the arrival of gifting on Xbox may be imminent. Windows Central has reported that game gifting has been rolled out to some people on the Xbox Insider Program, and it looks like it’s pretty much finished.

According to Windows Central, the option to gift a game is on the store next to the option to buy it for yourself. You’ll then get the option to choose if you want to send the game via entering an email address, or by selecting someone on your friends list. Once you complete the purchase, your giftee will get the 25 digit game code in their email whether or not they’re on your friends list.

This feature hasn’t yet been announced by Microsoft. The Insider Program runs preview builds of Xbox updates, so there could still be changes to the gifting system before its rolled out to everyone. Nice to see it’s finally (nearly) here though.


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