Gamecock Media Group and Auran Games have today announced a new Free to Download, Free to Play option for their arena combat game Fury.

The new free option will be available from December 14 alongside the release of the game's first major free content update "Age of the Chosen".

"Fury was built around giving players options that suit their play style and their wallet," said Tony Hilliam, CEO of Auran. "With the AotC update, we are introducing a new player category called "Chosen". As one of the Chosen, players can access all game types, equip all weapons and unlock all 400 abilities - and they can play as much as they like absolutely free."

This new free "Chosen" type will earn less gold and essence and will not be able to trade with other players. Real money can be used to purchase game gold from the Fury store or to upgrade to Hero status making it possible to earn more essence and gold. As a hero players can unlock abilities faster and purchase better gear.