Furi launches on Switch in less than a week

Furi launches on Switch in less than a week
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Developer The Game Bakers has announced its neon-coloured action game Furi will be released on Nintendo Switch next Thursday, January 11.

The boss rush affair originally came out on PC and PS4 in July 2016, while Xbox One owners had to wait until December of that year to get their hands on it. The Switch edition includes the One More Fight DLC that was released last March, as well as the opportunity to speedrun the game’s Furier mode, which has never previously been available to console players.

When we reviewed Furi on PlayStation 4 almost 18 months ago we said that ‘When it works it nails that moreish blend of challenge and reward. However it’s easy to find yourself being frustrated.’

Furi will set you back $19.99 in the States, €19.99 in the Euro zone, and £17.99 in Theresa May’s Britain.