Funcom, developer of MMO Age of Conan, is not considering a sequel to the long-running and still popular Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online has been running for eight years and still enjoys a loyal fan base.

Speaking to to discuss the re-activation of all Age of Conan accounts with a two-week free play period, game director Craig Morrison, who moved to the Age of Conan team from the Anarchy Online team, said that MMO sequels can be "problematic".

"Sequels are quite problematic for MMOs," he said. "You don't necessarily need to do one... without the risk of damaging the existing game. AO has been running for eight years now and has a very established community for that game. We're certainly not considering a direct sequel to it at the moment. AO still makes money and is still successful today. I worked on Anarchy Online before Age of Conan and I loved the game. They'll continue to push on. They have a very loyal and dedicated customer base that's been around for many years now and continue to enjoy the game.

"I don't think it's something we would see as making a sequel to right now. Obviously we've got The Secret World coming up. Now that Age of Conan is out we're always as a company trying to have two major titles in the works. Maybe at some point in the future after The Secret World is out then... you never know. It's certainly an IP that we love. It's a great game world. I wouldn't say never, but there are certainly no plans in the immediate future."

Morrison's comments are sure to disappoint some Anarchy Online fans who have been calling for an update, at least in graphical terms, to the original game.

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