The inaccessible friend code system that hampered the Wii's online experience is to be replaced for Nintendo's Wii U console. The new system is set to be similar to Xbox LIVE's gamertags, and should offer a more personalised, user friendly approach to network access.

Users will have "the ability for individuals to make accounts. Rather than a machine having an account" according to Ubisoft's Adrian Blunt, who's studio was demonstrating Ghost Recon Online at E3.

He continued: "Rather than using friend codes, which we've had in the past, we're able to connect players in a much easier way, which allows us to have a community that's playing together in the game.

As a further teaser, Blunt refused to be drawn on the implementation of achievements: "I...can't answer that at the moment," he said.

Via MTV.

The news further confirms that Nintendo is planning a massive overhaul to its online capabilities with the Wii U's release.

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