Epic Games, overlords of video games in 2018, is giving 2000 V-Bucks to players who were wrongly banned in Fortnite. 

As reported by PCGamesN, those who suffered the wrath of Epic for crimes they didn't commit will get a message as soon as they log in that says, 'We incorrectly banned your account. We’re sorry and will be granting V-Bucks to your account to compensate for the error.'

In an effort to clamp down on cheaters, Epic has been kicking a number of players, but some unfortunate souls have gotten wronged in the process, it seems. Some users who claim they've been incorrectly identified as cheaters are yet to receive their compensation, but we can only hope that this is the beginning of the make good. Unless those people are lying. If they are, then NO V-BUCKS FOR YOU. BACK IN YOUR BOX.

Anyway, it is quite popular, so it might take a while to get around to all of you. If you've been affected and are awaiting word on your account, you can just close your eyes and dream of mounted turrets in the meantime



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