A free update for SSX which introduces multiple new game modes and bug fixes is available to download now via PlayStation Network.

The update, which brings SSX to V3.0, adds two new game modes: Freeplay, a new mode which lets players race down a mountain without any rules or regulations; and 3-2-1-Go! Events, which let up to 5 riders compete online simultaneously in fast paced Trick It and Race It Heats.

"In [3-2-1-Go!] events, the helicopter acts as your lobby," reads a post from PlayStation Europe's community manager 'Envisager' on the PlayStation forums.

"After joining 3-2-1-GO! Event you will be taken to the top of the drop, where you will then wait in the helicopter for other riders to join. As soon as at least one more rider shows up, you can choose to buy into the event and ready-up!

"Once at least two riders have readied, a countdown timer will begin, and when it reaches zero the heat will start with all riders jumping out together for a single trip down the mountain with no restarts.

"Once everyone makes it down to the bottom, the event ends and everyone collects their credit rewards. You are then given the option to return back to the top or follow a RiderNet recommendation to another 3-2-1-GO Event."

Simultaneous multiplayer has been one of the most-frequently requested additions to SSX since its launch back in February. The original release only featured asynchronous multiplayer.

Freeride mode, meanwhile, lets players "explore your surroundings at your own pace and with your own style".

"Once you've reached the bottom, the helicopter will be waiting to take you back to do it all again. Ride for as long as you like and enjoy some of the most breathtaking scenery found in the world of SSX."

Multiple fixes and improvements to the game are also included in the update, including a new 'SSX Update' feature which notifies users of any future updates and fixes.

It's not currently known when the update will be available to download via Xbox LIVE.

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