Blizzard is offering World of Warcraft Mists of Pandaria players free realm transfers after long queues began to hinder their experience.

Taking to, the Blizzard community manager wrote: "We're providing free transfers off of overpopulated source realms that are currently seeing high queue times. If you're on one of the below realms and would like to avoid waiting in queues to play, you can take advantage of these free transfers. We've done our best to match realm types and time zones for a smooth transfer process.

"We're planning to allow the current transfers to go until approximately 9:00 a.m. PDT, October 4, but please note that if a large number of people transfer to a destination realm we may need to end the free transfers early. If you're planning to transfer we recommend doing so sooner rather than later."

Free transfer support realms

From: Frostmourne (Oceanic - PvP)

To: Gundrak (Oceanic - PvP)

From: Illidan (Central - PvP)

To: Mug'thol (Central - PvP)

From: Kil'jaeden (Pacific - PvP)

To: Frostwolf (Pacific - PvP)

From: Area 52 (Eastern - PvE)

To: Velen (Mountain - PvE)

To: Exodar (Eastern - PvE)

From: Darkspear (Mountain - PvP)

To: Bloodscalp (Mountain - PvP)

From: Tichondrius (Pacific - PvP)

To: Dark Iron (Pacific - PvP)

From: Stormrage (Eastern - PvE)

To: Trollbane (Eastern - PvE)

From: Kel'Thuzad (Eastern - PvP)

To: Alterac Mountains (Eastern - PvP)

To take advantage of these transfers log into Account Management, select your World of Warcraft license, and at the bottom click on Free Character Migration. Eligible characters will be listed.

Blizzard concluded: "We'll be continuing to closely monitor realm concurrency, and will provide updates should the above transfers be altered, or any new transfers become available."

Mists of Pandaria launched on Tuesday, but investment bank Lazard Capital Markets believes the expansion hasn't sold as expected. The previous expansion - Cataclysm - has sold 3.3 million copies, but sales of Pandaria are said to be down 60 per cent with figures thought to be in the region of 600,000 and 700,000 copies.