Maxis and EA have today announced the development of four new titles in the Spore franchise, including PC expansion Galactic Adventures, Spore Hero for Wii, Spore Hero Arena for Nintendo DS and Spore Creature Keeper on PC.

"Last year was a very exciting year for Maxis with the release of Spore. We were overwhelmed by the massive response to the game from the millions of people that created, shared and played in the Spore universe," said General Manager of Maxis, Lucy Bradshaw.

"This year we're going to experiment with new experiences that extend the powerful creativity tools of Spore to all-new audiences. With the universe as our backdrop, the only limit in the Spore universe is your own imagination."

Spore Galactic Adventures, a new PC game expansion, promises to offer a deeply immersive customisable experience designed specifically to enhance the "space game" element of Spore. Players will be able to beam down to planets, play mission-based adventures and create customised adventures. For more on Galactic Adventures check out our recently published first-look preview.

Also coming to PC is Spore Creature Keeper, a stand-alone PC game designed to enable young players to nurture, train and play with their own personally-created creature. The game will feature lots of toys, clothes and gizmos to play with, allowing players to pamper their pets. It will also be possible to take pets for an online play-date with other players.

Spore is also set to make its debut on Wii with Spore Hero, a new adventure game focussing on creativity and evolution. The game has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the unique Wii controls and will see players embarking on an adventure in a colourful world.

Complimenting the Wii game will be Spore Hero Arena on Nintendo DS, which will allow players to create fully-3D Spore creatures and take them into battle with an array of other creatures across the galaxy. Both Spore Hero and Spore Hero Arena are scheduled for release this autumn.