2K has revealed a new Hunter for each of the four classes:

Hyde - Assault

Hyde's equipped with a flamethrower on his arm as well as acid grenades which can be used to force the monster out of enclosed spaces.

Lazarus - Medic

Unlike Val, Lazarus has the ability to heal fallen allies. Where Lazarus suffers is in his inability to heal allies from afar, using only his healing cloud at close range. His sniper rifle can also fire multiple rounds without having to load each bullet.

Bucket - Support

Bucket can throw up to five floating sentry turrets from its stomach, as well as launch its head up into the air to act as a UAV to track the monster for a limited time. Bucket's main weapon is a homing missile launcher that will follow wherever you're targeting, even after firing.

Maggie - Trapper

The final new addition is Maggie, who has a Trapjaw companion in the form of Daisy. Daisy is able to track the scent of the monster, as well as heal fallen allies by licking them or even attack foes. Maggie has a limited-range SMG as well as the arena, which you can throw to trap the monster in a limited space. Her final tool is the ground spikes, which can limit the monster's movement and allow the Hunters to attack without fear of being hit themselves.

Brett recently got the chance to play as all four of the new Hunters on a new map, you can check out his impressions here.

Evolve launches worldwide on PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC on October 21.