Xbox One launch title Forza Motorsport 5 will feature the "digital cousin" of Top Gear's The Stig, the BBC and Microsoft have announced.

Gamers are challenged to beat the lap times set by the secret racing driver, and thankfully the game's version of The Stig is said to be more fallible than the real-life version.

"Trying to beat The Stig on track has long been the petrol-fuelled dreams of Top Gear fans everywhere and whilst Jeremy and the team did not want to frustrate or embarrass gamers by putting forward the real Stig, they did help us track down a potentially more fallible relative of their tame racing driver," said Duncan Gray, Top Gear's commercial director at BBC Worldwide.

"Dan Greenawalt, creative director on Forza Motorsport 5, added: "The partnership between Forza Motorsport and Top Gear has featured many highlights over the years. Including The Stig's digital cousin in the game is a natural extension of that creative partnership. Now, on top of racing against the best virtual drivers in the world online or against brand new cloud-powered Drivatar opponents in career mode, players can tackle the digital cousin of one of the world's most celebrated racing icons."

Top Gear can be experienced in multiple ways in Forza 5, including a full recreation of the Top Gear test track. Furthermore, Jeremy, James, and Richard will be on hand, providing their unique perspective through voice overs on the collection of cars featured in the career mode events.

Forza 5 will be released alongside Xbox One on November 22.

Source: Press release