Turn 10 Studios, the developer of Forza Motorsport 7, has set out a list of offensive content that players must not use in their activity in the game (via GamesIndustry.biz).

These were included in a blog post published over the weekend. Inappropriate user-generated content consists of the inclusion of “profanity or other offensive terms or gestures: This includes phrases such as ‘FTP,’ ‘ACAB,’ ‘CIP,’ and other abbreviations.” Illegal activities, personal information like phone numbers and addresses, and “certain notorious  individuals, organizations, events, iconography” are also banned. This last category comprises the Swastika, the Confederate flag, the Iron Cross, SS runes, and others. 

Turn 10 Studios reiterated its mission statement at the beginning of the blog post: “To preserve and promote a safe, secure, inclusive and enjoyable experience for all Forza Community members, and provide offenders a chance to change their behavior following enforcement action.” As a result, the team has a “ZERO tolerance policy for hate speech, violent acts, obscene imagery and/or cheating.”

It continued to say that flouting these rules will lead to a permanent ban, irrespective of whether the rules were broken in the game, in social channels, or on streams. “Please note that further behavior of this type in other Forza titles, social channels or streams will result in more stringent enforcement action, up to and including further permanent suspension of accounts and/or associated PCs and consoles both in game and on Xbox Live,” it concluded. 

Forza Motorsport 7 is out now for PC and Xbox One. 

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