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Fortnite’s Season 10 live event will switch the servers off

The end of Fortnite Season 10 will require its servers to be switched off so that Epic Games is able to patch in Season 11, which is an unusual turn of events (via Eurogamer).

So far, the end of season events have been set well in advance of the finale’s firm date and time, and players are free to continue playing after the live event dies down. This time, Epic Games will be halting the celebrations and crashing the party by switching off the Fortnite servers. This will let the developer add in the files for Season 11 and its accompanying Battle Pass.

Right now, a countdown to the exact time that Season 10 will end is being shown on TV screens and displays across the island. It will be 7.00pm BST on October 13, and these drastic measures seem to point at a drastic finale for the island. It’s speculated that, after two years and ten seasons, Fortnite could be getting a whole new map.

Dataminers discovered a list of 10 new locations, including names like ‘BeachyBlufs’, ‘FrenzyFarm’, and ‘SlurpySwamp’. These are totally unique to Fortnite’s current map, and what’s more, a loading screen for Season 10’s final week leaked. This shows characters waving to a battle bus that appears to be sailing off into the sunset. 

Given that Season 10 has trotted players through a tour of the island’s triumphs and catastrophes by turning back time to those events, it would be a fitting farewell to the world players know like the back of their hands.

Fortnite is out now iOS, Android, Xbox One, PC, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo Switch.


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