Newest Fortnite XP map grants quick Battle Pass levels in just a few minutes

Newest Fortnite XP map grants quick Battle Pass levels in just a few minutes
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The newest Fortnite XP map is perfect for leveling up quickly and passively. Using this map, you can level at least five times within the first 30 minutes of playing. If you stay on the map for longer, you can earn even more levels and go through the new Battle Pass much faster.

This article will provide a step-by-step guide on how you can benefit from the latest map. However, keep in mind that the map will likely be active for only a couple of days. Due to this, you should get into the game and use it before its XP bonus expires.

How to level up quickly in Fortnite Season 4

To benefit from the latest Fortnite XP map, you will need to go into Creative mode. The easiest way to access the mode is by entering the map code through the Game Mode selection screen. Use the code 4817-9215-9593 to access the map.

Once you load in, you will need to locate a vault that has a console next to it. The vault has a secret XP button, and you will need to interact with it to get teleported to a secret room.

Fortnite XP button
Image by VideoGamer via Epic Games

As soon as you interact with the button, you will find yourself in a secret room with a timer. You’ll have to wait for the countdown to hit zero then enter 5832 as a code.

After that, confirm the code and you will be teleported to a new location.

Image by VideoGamer via Epic Games

The new location has several XP buttons that you will need to locate and interact with. Each Fortnite XP button grants a lot of XP, so make sure to interact with as many of them as possible.

Here are a few locations of XP buttons:

  • In a bathroom above the bathtub
  • On a fridge
  • One a chimney
Fortnite XP buttons
Image by VideoGamer via Epic Games

Once you interact with these buttons, you can stay on the map and you will keep receiving XP every second. At some point, the XP gain will slow down, but you will still receive at least 100,000 XP an hour, which equals to at least one Battle Pass level.

Keep in mind that the XP may slow down if you don’t have Supercharged XP or if you’ve hit the Creative XP cap for the day.