Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean release date

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  • The Pirates of the Caribbean event arrives in Fortnite on Friday, July 19 2024
  • Characters such as Jack Sparrow, Davy Jones and Elizabeth Swann will receive skins in-game
  • The even will feature the Cursed Sails pass to unlock skins, emotes, back bling and more

It’s been pretty well known for a while now that the next major crossover in Fortnite is going to be with Pirates of the Caribbean. The iconic movie franchise is set to bring the likes of Captain Jack Sparrow to the Battle Royale as well as a whole host of unique cosmetics, emotes and more – but when does it come out?

We’ve put together all the info you need to know about the upcoming event, including the release date and what will be included in the expansion.

When does the Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean event start?

The Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean event is currently scheduled to begin on Friday, July 19 2024. This has been confirmed thanks to the Pirates of the Caribbean pass launching early, allowing players to gain access to Jack Sparrow skin that comes bundled with it.

While the pass was briefly available before the start of the event, you won’t be able to progress it until the event actually launches, so if you were hoping to get it finished ASAP, you’re going to have to wait for the full release unfortunately.

Fortnite Pirates of the Caribbean skins and rewards

As part of the crossover, there are going to be five skins that players can unlock, either through the Cursed Sails pass or by purchasing them from the Item Shop. Here is a list of all the available skins:

OutfitHow to unlock
Captain Jack SparrowPurchase the Cursed Sails pass
Cursed Jack SparrowComplete the premium track of the Cursed Sails pass
Davy JonesPurchase from the Item Shop
Captain BarbossaPurchase from the Item Shop
Elizabeth SwannPurchase from the Item Shop

It’s not just skins that you can unlock as part of the crossover, with plenty of other rewards being unlockable as part of the Cursed Sails pass. Here’s everything you can unlock from it:

RewardsHow to unlock
Captain Jack Sparrow skinPremium Upgrade reward
Pirate Booty emoteFree Track
Skeleton Keys KeytarFree Track
Level upFree Track
Skull and Crossed Swords back blingFree Track
Wee Beastie emoteFree Track
Cursed Sails loading screenFree Track
Level UupFree Track
Jack’s Cutlass and Bane pickaxeFree Track
Level upFree Track
Jack’s Prize back blingFree Track
Jack’s Compass back blingPremium Track
Skull and Bones Banner iconPremium Track
Level upPremium Track
Sparrow Run emotePremium Track
Level upPremium Track
Jack Sparrow’s Sword pickaxePremium Track
Pirate’s Grin emotePremium Track
Level upPremium Track
Jar of Dirt emotePremium Track
Level upPremium Track
Cursed Jack Sparrow skinPremium Track

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