Next Fortnite season could last for only 28 days, here’s why

Next Fortnite season could last for only 28 days, here’s why
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The next Fortnite season could bring a conclusion to Chapter 4. The chapter has been out since December 2022, but it appears that Epic Games will end it soon. Chapter 3 was the shortest in Fortnite history, and it seems that Chapter 4 will follow suit.

According to several reputable leakers, Fortnite Chapter 5 will begin later this year. However, the current season of the battle royale game is set to end in early November, which is quite surprising. Due to this, there’s a good chance that the next season will be the shortest season of all time.

While we currently don’t know Epic’s plan with Chapter 4 – Season 5, the leakers may have revealed the content that will come with it.

Next Fortnite season might last less than a month

If Season 4 ends on November 3, the next Fortnite season will begin either on the same day or a day later. Whatever the case may be, if Epic Games intends to release Chapter 5 in December, the season will last for less than a month.

There has been a lot of talk regarding a Fortnite x Lego collaboration. Many prominent leakers believe that the collab will be massive and last for a month. In addition, some of them believe that Epic will release a new season that is solely focused on the crossover.

While this hasn’t been confirmed yet, there’s a good chance that the Fortnite x Lego collab will arrive in Chapter 4 – Season 5. This could be the reason why the season will be so short as Epic doesn’t want to make it a full-length season.

However, with two more months left in the current season, nothing is certain. Due to this, we will have to wait a while longer to get an official confirmation from Epic Games. Additionally, we may get a few more leaks in the meantime.