PvP juggernaut Fortnite has notched up an impressive 40 million downloads across PS4, PC, and Xbox One, developer Epic Games has revealed. While the figure is certainly impressive, what isn't clear is how the number is split between downloads for the paid Save the World edition or its Battle Royale counterpart.

Still, it's nothing to turn your nose at when you consider the fact Fortnite already amassed a mighty 30 million downloads just last month. The title has been in early access since last summer, with a full blown, free-to-play release on the cards for 2018. The standalone Battle Royale version rolled out for consoles and PC in September. 

Elsewhere, Epic revealed to GameSpot that it's possible a new map and vehicles could be released for Fortnite Battle Royale at some point down the line. Right now, though, it made it clear nothing is set in stone. 

At the moment Fortnite's developer is focusing on the next major update for the game, which includes new named locations and revamped map biomes that allows players to distinguish them more clearly. Last week's patch saw Cosy Campfires added to the mix alongside various bug fixes. 

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