Epic Games has announced the release of a new Fortnite update, adding a wealth of bug fixes following numerous requests from fans over the holiday period. In addition, the game now sports Cosy Campfires, which offer a chance for players to heal up before their next battle.

'It’s cold outside! Gather around the fire with friends and heal up before your next battle. This healing trap must be placed on a floor and persists for 25 seconds,' explained Epic. The feature heals 2 HP per second and can be found anywhere. 

In addition, PC owners can now take advantage of NVIDIA's ShadowPlay Highlights, allowing you to capture those oh-so-sweet moments and extend bragging rights to your mates. Highlights is available to anyone with a GeForce GTX 650 graphics card or higher.

As mentioned there's plenty of issues ironed out with this latest update too, with Epic tackling various niggles spanning both Battle Royale and Save The World. Crashing problems have been resolved, while audio has also been improved across the board. 

The full patch notes for Fortnite update V.2.1.0 can be read here

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