Fortnite fans demand DC return as Marvel collab leaks look dull

Fortnite fans demand DC return as Marvel collab leaks look dull
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Fortnite is no stranger to collaborating with some of the biggest multimedia franchises in the world. Marvel characters have been featured in a load of different seasons and promotional content over the last few years, and it appears now that we might be set to receive a Fortnite X Marvel comic line later this year.

Taking to Twitter the Fortnite news and leaks account, ShiinaBR, posted the rumour saying, “A new Fortnite X Marvel comic line titled ‘Order Restored’ could be released later this year, according to @ItsUnusuaI‘s local comic store. They have already stated in late 2022 that we’ll get new Fortnite comics this summer. As always, take this with a grain of salt!” While this rumour hasn’t yet been confirmed by either Epic Games or Marvel, fans have been reacting to the news online and they’re pretty divided.

One user on Twitter responded to the rumour saying, “It would definitely be dope to get some more comic series. And with marvel no less, absolutely crazy time we live in.” However, other users are a little sceptical if the comic line will be worthwhile as user YouarAGuace posted, “After how zero wars story panned out…” accompanied by an image saying, “Man, I got a bad feeling about this.”

Many other players seem to be excited about the prospect of skin codes that could come bundled with the comic line. However, one user pointed out that they “don’t think anyone cares about the story. Just the cosmetics.” This was coincidentally followed up by another comment that read, “I only care for the cosmetics.”

With the speculation surrounding a Marvel X Fortnite comic line, some players are also disappointed that Epic chose not to continue with DC. User BigStretchyWolf said, “Man if they gonna start doing comics again at LEAST epic could go back to working with DC, at least DC knew how to write the Fortnite comics to where they made sense.”

Given this hasn’t officially been announced yet we’ll have to wait and see how this collaboration pans out. In the meantime, Epic continue to add new skins and emotes to Fortnite with their latest emote being the silliest yet, and fans love it. If all this talk of Fortnite has got you interested to try it on PC why not check out our guide to the best gaming PC for Fortnite in 2023?

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