This controller trick will turn you into a Fortnite pro

This controller trick will turn you into a Fortnite pro
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Playing Fortnite on a controller can be quite challenging. With a limited amount of buttons, it’s hard to keep up with PC players. While controller users have a big advantage against mobile players, there isn’t much they can do against players who use a keyboard and mouse.

Fortunately, a new trick can narrow the gap between PC and controller players. Sony recently revealed a helpful setting Fortnite players can use to improve their aim and move smoothly. While this specific trick is exclusive to those who use DualSense Edge controllers, other controllers may also benefit from it.

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Here’s everything you need to know.

How to become a better controller player in Fortnite

There is no doubt that aiming and building is much easier on a keyboard and mouse than it is on a controller. Fortunately, Epic Games has released many quality-of-life updates that made life easier for controller players. Despite this, console players still struggle against their PC enemies.

In January 2023, Sony released the DualSense Edge controller for PlayStation 5. The new controller comes with many extra features, including personalized control profiles and adjustable sticks. Due to this, it is possible to use it to become much better at Fortnite.

As the video above shows, you need to change the sensitivity curves for both analog sticks. To do this, open Settings and go to Accessories on your PlayStation 5. Select DualSense Edge Controller and create a custom profile for it. Once you do so, open Stick Sensitivity/Dead Zone settings.

For Fortnite, you should use the Precise sensitivity curve on the right stick and the Quick curve on the left stick. These settings will not only improve your aiming and moving, but you’ll also be able to place builds more consistently.

While this Fortnite trick is only available on the Edge controller, other controllers, such as the Xbox Elite Controller, may have similar settings.