Former NeoGAF forum members have clubbed together to create ResetEra

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Following the community implosion at popular online gaming forum NeoGAF last week, a number of former community members have worked together to launch a replacement gaming forum called ResetEra

At time of writing, the forum already has more than 7,100 members and has quickly become populated with a number of threads that make it look just like NeoGAF pre-implosion. This time around everything has a neutral white, purple and grey look to it.

Since the accusation of sexual misconduct against site owner Tyler Malka broke last week, NeoGAF has been going through quite a spectacular decline. The anger grew stronger after previous controversial instances involving Malka’s conduct on and offline resurfaced,  along with his delay in releasing a statement on the matter. Things came to a head when the majority of the forums moderators quit, and the website went offline for a couple of days. 

NeoGAF has since come back online, but in a censored format, and Malka said that he was only restoring the Games Discussion board, removing political discussion from the forum. Part of the old Off Topic Discussion board has now returned, but full functionality of the website remains some way off. Ad placement returned immediately, however.

Many users have been creating a wide variety of (sometimes questionable) threads, and bumping old ones as a means of being permanently banned (the only way to delete a member account) from the forum in protest against Malka. There are still quite a few users who are trying to persevere against the swell of negativity that has been pervasive of late, but you  wonder if it could be a futile endeavour.

As for ResetEra, well it’s been online for a day now, and it seems to be quite the thriving community. The group that has collectively founded the site have said that it’s been set up as an LLC (limited liability company) with no one leader, and it hopes that by taking these steps, it can avoid a similar downfall. Here’s hoping.

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