Former Castlevania producer Dave Cox has joined digital production company Fish in a Bottle to help create companion apps for core AAA titles.

Cox worked at Konami for over 17 years, most recently overseeing the development of Castlevania reboot Castlevania: Lords of Shadow and Lords of Shadow 2, before departing the company in August 2014.

His work at Fish in a Bottle, however, will be geared around "adding value to existing AAA properties by extending them into new areas, such as companion apps - basically helping publishers and developers maximise the spread of their brands."

"Much of what we're doing will be recognisable as games; for example a companion app that bridges a AAA game product so players can carry on the game experience away from their console," he says.

"We've hardly scratched the surface of what's possible with companion games where engagement and access to IP is concerned. With other projects we're looking at pushing into things like interactive video and using social channels to build better connections between players. And as I mentioned before, I'm looking at bridging physical products and digital games because there's still a lot of untapped potential there with things like board games and toys."

Fish in a Bottle's current video game clients include Activision and Codemasters, as well as film and television companies Nickelodeon, Disney and the BBC. It has previously worked with the BBC to create Casualty: First Day, an interactive episode of the TV drama.

Cox's first project at the studio has yet to be announced.

Source: (via MCV Issue 848)

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