Ubisoft has revealed that the seasonal Halloween-themed event, Feast of the Otherworld has begun in For Honor. This event introduces a new take on the popular 4v4 Dominion mode, and it’s called Endless March. This time around, however, the soldiers have been replaced with undead skeletons. Ooh spooky.

In Endless March, players have to capture different control zones, while avoiding the threat of roaming skeletons who’ll deal massive amounts of damage. The capturing of zones gains points, albeit temporarily, and the only way to keep these points is to combat the skeletal soldiers and defeat all four of the enemy players.

This seasonal event gives players the chance to win some Halloween-themed cosmetics as they take part in the two-week event. There’ll be a range of mythic outfits and masks to win that’ll give their hero a ghoulish makeover, as well as special emotes, mood effects and ornaments. Ubisoft has also said that it’ll be releasing additional weekly content, and this’ll continue with the Halloween-theme. I’m expecting pumpkins, spiders, cauldrons and witches.

Feast of the Otherworld is live now in For Honor, and will end on November 2.

For Honor is out now on PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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