Football Manager Handheld 2014 will release for iOS and Android at midnight tonight, Sports Interactive has announced.

The £6.99 game promises the same "blend of snackable action" as the PC release, only with a vast number of improvements and additions, the most obvious being an improved user interface and all-new home screen and news system (tablets and HD Android phones only).

Every aspect of your career can be navigated with new pop-up and drop-down controls, and managers can create and set new formations and change player positions with new touch controls.

Also new is My Club Mode, a feature which allows managers to create their own club and compete in any league they choose.

Other improvements and features include:

More realistic transfers

FMH 2014's transfer system is the most lifelike and in-depth in the series to date, truly reflecting the real world. Improved AI means that your managerial counterparts now make more intelligent and realistic transfer bids and squad management decisions - all of which adds to the challenge.

Player progress tracking

Managers can now keep track of their players' key stats throughout the season. Clear graphs show if a player is excelling or struggling in specific areas, while major benchmarks are clearly labelled to help the manager decide which members of their squad deserve a place on the next team sheet.

Improved media and player interaction

Interaction with players, staff and media is the best it's ever been in FMH14. Can you keep the media happy without upsetting the board, the fans or your squad?

More extensive analysis

Just like in real life, managers now have access to a wealth of analytical data, both before and after matches.

Detailed manager history

Managers can now easily look back on the highs and lows of their career, with a detailed account of their managerial records and the achievements they have celebrated along the way.

Cloud Save (iOS only)

The introduction of Apple's revolutionary cloud save technology means that managers can now continue a single career on multiple iOS devices. So, no matter where you are or whether you've got an iPad, iPhone or iPod to hand, you'll always be able to load up FMH 2014 and play that next big match.

Multiple nation set-up (New to Android)

Android users now have the ability to choose multiple nations when starting a new game (on selected devices). This allows a manager to move between leagues in various countries during his or her career, rather than being confined to a single territory.