The Xbox 360 game is the second iteration of the series winging its way to the next-gen console, and this time is making more of an effort to utilise the platform's functionality. We're told that the game will make use of the Xbox Live Vision camera, plus will include a mode over Xbox Live called Fantasy Draft. There will also be 50 achievements to work towards and an improved control scheme, which apparently makes the game much easier to play.

Fantasy Draft is new online mode in which up to eight players compete in a round-robin and pick from players from the vast game database. These teams then take part in a cup or league over Xbox Live.

Football Manager Handheld 2007 promises many new features and better navigation, making the game much easier to control than last year's PSP game. There's also the inclusion of international management, multiple scouts, and many more leagues from across the world.

Both games will be released across Europe on December 1.