Footage of potential PS5 loading tech improvements emerges

Footage of potential PS5 loading tech improvements emerges
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Sony has been showing off videos of the capabilties of its next generation tech to Sony investors, showing how fast the next generation of PlayStation consoles might be able to load your favourite games.

During a corporate strategy meeting by Sony that took place last night, video footage was shown demonstrating the increased power of the hardware intended to power the PlayStation 5 by showing off a specially prepared build of Insomniac Games' Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 game. 

The footage, captured below and tweeted out by WSJ tech journalist Takashi Mochizuki, obviously doesn't show the webslinger himself, but rather how fast the new hardware could render and load the streets of New York that the game takes place in, with the PS4 Pro version having to stop fairly frequently to load in the next bit of the world as the camera pans faster through it. Once it changes to the new hardware though, it becomes a smooth fly-through with almost zero buffering whatsoever.

It's an interesting watch and could have very interesting potential for the PlayStation 5. Remember, the first details were revealed by Sony last month, and the boss of AMD claiming that the PS5 had some 'very special sauce' powering it. There's no word when we'll have the formal reveal with all the jazz, but don't expect to see the new console in your hands before April 2020.