The first in-game images from Halo 4 have been leaked ahead of the planned Microsoft information blow-out later today.

The two screens come from (via NeoGAF) and show Master Chief and the Halo Battle Rifle.

Furthermore, 343 Industries' Paul Featherstone has stated the images are "100% untouched" taken using a "debug cam with in-engine Depth-of-field".

Corrinne Yu, Halo 4's principal engine programmer, has also used Twitter to build even more hype for the game.

"It's the best looking game on Xbox and any other consoles we ever made and we're all from AAA studios," she said. "So proud of team."

Halo 4 is scheduled for release later this year.

Martin has been out in San Francisco taking a look at all things Microsoft - check just after lunch for more on Halo 4.