Gears of War: Judgement, the new game from People Can Fly and Epic, will feature class-based multiplayer, GameInformer has revealed.

Gears of war judgement

The new Overrun Mode is described as being inspired by Team Fortress and DOTA, consisting of two five-vs-five rounds in which one team defends objectives from the opposition - COG protects two sealed Emergence Holes and a Hammer of Dawn beacon.

COG Classes:


  • Weapons: gnasher and blowtorch
  • Special Ability: sentry turret
  • Tip: blowtorch repairs damaged fortifications


  • Weapons: lancer and boomshot
  • Special Ability: deploy ammo crates
  • Tip: toss ammunition to engineer to give him infinite blowtorch ammo


  • Weapons: lancer and snub pistol
  • Special Ability: stim gas grenade
  • Tip: toss grenade at downed allies to revive them


  • Weapons: longshot and snub
  • Special Ability: beacon grenade
  • Tip: climb perches for better sniping leverage

Locust Classes

Wretch - Leaper/Climber

  • Special Ability: Stunning scream
  • Tip: Travel in packs and stagger screams for maximum stunning power

Ticker - Eat fortifications, eat grenades, detonate

  • Special Ability: Speed boost
  • Tip: Can be kicked over barriers by grenadiers

Kantus Hammerburst rifle, heal friendly units, ride bloodmounts

  • Special Ability: Chain heal
  • Tip: Support valuable units like Corpser and Mauler with healing

Grenadier - Lancer rifle, ride Bloodmounts

  • Special Ability: Frag Grenade
  • Tip: Throw grenade at COG turret to cause deadly explosion near enemies

Bloodmount - Melee enemies/fortifications

  • Special Ability: Halve the cooldown time on rider's special ability (passive)
  • Tip: Carry a mounted Kantus behind cover while his heal recharges

Mauler - Devastate fortifications and COG soldiers with flail and shield

  • Special Ability: Spinning spike shield
  • Tip: Aim the reticle at enemies while shield spins to deflect bullets back at COGs

Serapede - Eat through barriers, destroy COGs, ranged support

  • Special Ability: Spit poison
  • Tip: Have two Serapedes overlap to protect one another's vulnerable rears

Corpser - Demolish fortifications and COGs with heavy melee

  • Special Ability: Burrow and move underground
  • Tip: Armoured legs reduce damage from the front

Gears of War: Judgement is set 15 years before Gears of War, with Baird and Killo Squad standing trial for transgression against the Coalition of Governments. The testimonies are being over seen by Colonel Loomis, a by the-books COG leader who accused the team of desertion, cowardice, trespassing, theft of experimental military tech and treason.

Events take place in Halvo Bay, the home of the Onyx Guard Academy and inspired by San Francisco.

Look out for the first footage from the game at Microsoft's E3 conference, beginning today at 5:30pm BST - chat live with as the conference happens.

Via Epic Games forums