Firewatch: Video Review

Firewatch: Video Review
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Firewatch is the latest trendy indie game to be getting a lot of attention, and thankfully it seems like it warranted all the pre-release talk. Part first-person walking simulator, part classic adventure game, part conversation tool, Firewatch is an intriguing game that is likely to garner a lot of praise and endless discussion. Is it a simple tale about a man’s life or is it a deep, layered work of art?

The hilarious Tom and hard working Alice sat down to have an intellectual chat about Campo Santo’s first title, aiming to let you know how it succeeds as a modern adventure game and to answer the question above. Whether or not they managed to do that is for you to decide.

Be warned, Tom does talk about frame rate at one point, so if that kind of things set you off, you’ve got no one to blame but yourself. In Tom’s defense, the PS4 version does have some annoying technical issues, so he was quite right to mention it – so leave him alone, yeah?

Firewatch is available from the 9th of February on PC, PS4, Mac and Linux. There’s no concrete word about an Xbox One version just yet, although the developers haven’t ruled it out, saying that an Xbox version could be on the cards if enough people want it. Looks like there definitely won’t be a sequel, though:

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(As the use of our own footage is embargoed, this video has been put together using previously released footage from the developers)