Campo Santo is working with Sony and Unity to try and improve the performance of the PS4 version of Firewatch.

The PS4 version, while perfectly playable, suffers from frequent framerate issues, causing it to dive below its 30fps target throughout the 4-5 hour adventure. I also experienced an issue during my playthrough that caused the game to crash back to the PS4 home screen.

"[For what it's worth], we're currently talking to both Sony and Unity and we're all working hard to optimize performance of Firewatch on PS4," said Campo Santo dev 'cabel' on NeoGAF.

"It's tricky, because it really requires all three partners working together to improve - it's not something we can tackle on our own, unlike a game bug - but we'll definitely continue to patch all platforms with every content and performance fix we can over time!"

While it isn't clear from the post, cabel is presumably Cabel Sasser, the co-founder of Firewatch's publisher Panic Inc. We also don't know how soon the developer may be able to implement the fixes.

Firewatch launches on PS4 and PC today, and was regarded by Tom as a "beautiful", "smart" game in his 8/10 review.