Firewatch could come to Xbox One ‘if there’s a desire for it’

Firewatch could come to Xbox One ‘if there’s a desire for it’
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Firewatch developer Campo Santo has said that it would consider bringing the game to other platforms, potentially including Xbox One, “if there’s a desire for it”.

Speaking to Red Bull about the possibility of the game arriving on other platforms, Campo Santo’s co-founder Sean Vanaman explained that “we’ll see how the game does at launch, and if there’s a desire for it on other platforms then we’ll explore that”.

The game is currently exclusive to PS4 and PC, with a release due on both platforms next Tuesday, February 9.

Campo Santo’s relationship with Sony, however, has been “great” Vanaman says, adding that he feels the platform holder really does “care about the game being great, and getting us as much help as possible.”

Whatever the developer ends up doing next, though, won’t be a sequel to Firewatch, Vanaman says. “I’m always kind of ready to start working on another game,” he tells the site, “but I think we’ll start chipping away at that when the time is right. It won’t be a sequel to Firewatch, this story is done. But I’m very excited to see what we come up with next.”

Firewatch sees players isolated in the Wyoming wilderness as strange events start to unfold in front of them. But is it worth your time? Check back early next week for our thoughts.