Apple shocked a few people when it announced the iPad 2 would offer "up to 9x performance increase" over the first model, but technology-pushing iOS developer Firemint believes Apple got its figure about right.

"The iPad 2 hardware allows us to run [Real Racing 2 HD] fully anti-aliased with a much higher polygon count and texture resolution at a higher frame rate with numerous extra effects turned on," Firemint's Rob Murray told GamesIndustry. "The original iPad's specifications don't allow for these improvements - however, we've found ways of making it look great on the older hardware.

"If it was possible to run the exact iPad 2 code on iPad 1 then it would run very, very slowly. Once you have seen 1080p output running, I think you would agree with Apple's estimate of 9x performance increase in graphics."

If you've seen Real Racing 2 HD in action then you're likely to agree with Murray.

Real Racing 2 HD is out now for iPad and iPad 2 priced £5.99