Composer Nobuo Uematsu has worked on the Final Fantasy series since the very beginning, and he’s also the person who created the main theme synonymous with the series. In a new video Uematsu-san discusses his inspirations and development process of the now-iconic theme. 

Square Enix has also announced a global competition inviting fans to participate in Final Fantasy’s 30th Anniversary Fan Tribute Video celebrating the iconic series.

Originally, the Final Fantasy main theme was the opening theme for both the first two games in the series, and from then on it was taken as the official theme to the game. Uematsu essentially said that it was one happy accident as he'd ‘made the track with that melody, at that tempo, because I was in that mood at the time.’

Over the years, technology has advanced enough to allow full orchestral versions of the theme to be created. On the original Famicom (that’s NES for us Brits) console, the theme was created with ‘only three different sounds’, before advancing to eight on the SNES, beforefinally evolving into an orchestral score on the original PlayStation. 

Uematsu announced the competition at the end of the video, and invited fans ‘to tweak the Main Theme of Final Fantasy for themselves.’ This can be done in a number of ways: spoken word, song, dance, or even something completely random. The best contributions will be included in the Fan Tribute video. If you’re interested, you can get involved via the Final Fantasy website.

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