Capcom has announced that Final Fantasy's iconic Behemoth will be stomping its way into Monster Hunter World as part of a new crossover event next month.

The Behemoth, as you've probably twigged, is a colossal beastie that needs a good kicking before he's taken down. However, the reward for dispatching the creature is worth the hassle; you'll bag yourself the Palico armour set, Drachen armour set and Gae Bolg insect glaive complete with Dragon Soul Kinsect. 

Keeping in with the Final Fantasy theme, players will encounter Cactuars out in the wild that can be used as traps, while Cactuar cuttings and flowering cuttings can be hoovered up as collectibles.

Behemoth will go on the rampage as part of the Monster Hunter World x Final Fantasy XIV crossover event on August 2 at 1.00am BST. Title Update 4 will also be released at the same time, so it's a fairly big occasion. 

Monster Hunter World was released on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in January, and is now Capcom's best-selling game of all time. We thought it was a brilliant effort, and ideal for newcomers to the franchise.

Capcom will launch a PC version of the beast-hunting adventure next month.


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