Square Enix has announced the line-up of games it plans to show off at its August party which will be held in Shinjuku. The two-day event is limited to only 2,400 attendees which will be picked by raffle on the Japanese Square Enix Members website.

Games confirmed for the event include:

Final Fantasy XIII - PS3

Final Fantasy Versus XIII - PS3

Final Fantasy Agito - Mobile

Kingdom Hearts Coded - Mobile

Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days - DS

Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep - PSP

Dissidia Final Fantasy - PSP

The 3rd Birthday - Mobile

Sigma Harmonics - DS

Final Fantasy VII Advent Children Complete - Blu-ray.

What's not currently confirmed is which titles will be present in playable form, which will be demoed to attendees and which will be shown in video form.

The biggest game of note not scheduled to be shown at the event is Dragon Quest IX, with the focus appearing to be on the Final Fantasy and Kingdom Hearts franchises.