Is Final Fantasy XIII-2 going to get some Mass Effect branded costume DLC in the near future? A source telling Siliconera seems to think so.

The idea, presumably, would be that you dress hero Noel Kriess up in some N7 armour. Personally, I'd rather see him wear the bulky attire of a Krogan Battlemaster.

Final Fantasy XIII-2 is no stranger to this kind of costume DLC, and Square Enix has already announced a deal with Ubisoft to dress our time-travelling chum in Ezio Auditore's costume from Assassin's Creed Revelations.

But what about Serah, the other half of Final Fantasy XIII-2's quantum leaping duo? Well, she's got a lovely flowery bikini outfit available on February 28 for 240 Microsoft Points ($2.99 on PSN). Oh, Japan!

I'd rather just play Mass Effect 3, to be honest. I'd also like to personally thank this story for being an SEO goldmine.