Square Enix's online shop might have jumped the gun on its digital PC re-release of Final Fantasy VII, with the store taking the game down quickly after making it available for sale.

Copies of the game were being sold briefly on the Square Enix store for $12.70 on Saturday, but those who managed to purchase a copy before it was taken down are currently unable to play the game due to the SecuROM DRM failing to activate.

"I entered my serial, it connected to the license server, and it tells me my activation failed and my serial was invalid. I did it manually with my serial and unlock code, and still nothing. I paid $12.70 for something that doesn't work. Perhaps you could flip the 'on' switch, SE? Thanks," said Square Enix forum poster Burrows.

Square Enix is yet to comment on the matter, though many believe the game was made available early in error.