Final Fantasy III was originally only available in Japan for the Famicom (NES as it was known to Western gamers), and has taken a staggering 17 years since its original Japanese release to make it to Europe.

The game has been given a complete overhaul though, and now features new 3D graphics, rebalanced jobs, and brand-new characterisation for the game's four young heroes.

"Until now, Final Fantasy III has seen no remakes or appearances on other platforms since its original release in April 1990," said Hiromichi Tanaka, the game's Director and Executive Producer. "As the only game in the Final Fantasy series that had not previously been localised, we are very pleased to bring Final Fantasy III to players in Europe."

Early 2007 looks to be a busy period for Square Enix, with the promised European release of Final Fantasy XIII for PS2 also expected.