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Final Fantasy 16 isn’t on Xbox because PlayStation made Square Enix a better offer

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Final Fantasy 16’s PS5 exclusivity has been a notable point of contention within the gaming community ever since the game was revealed in 2020. However, it’s now been revealed that Square Enix’s reason for making it solely available on the Sony console is simply because PlayStation made a better offer than Xbox.

With the Final Fantasy 16 release date steadily approaching, members of the large PlayStation community are the only ones getting excited for the game’s launch since it’ll only be playable on Sony’s current gen console. Fortunately, it’s only a timed exclusive, which means those on the PC will be able to experience the open world adventure on their rigs after a year.

According to a GameInformer interview, FF16 producer Naoki Yoshida revealed that their studio “looked at all options” once they began development on the game. Yoshida also noted that they “do approach multiple platforms, multiple companies, about releasing the game,” and that each organization typically comes back with their own offer afterwards.

Though Xbox wasn’t explicitly mentioned in the interview, it’s safe to say that they placed their own offer on the table. This time around, though, Square Enix and the development team preferred PlayStation’s offer over the other alternatives. It also doesn’t hurt that the Final Fantasy franchise has long become synonymous with the Sony platform so their long-standing relationship may have helped in the decision-making process.

Unfortunately for Xbox loyalists, it’s still currently unclear whether it’ll be coming to the Microsoft console once the exclusivity deal runs out. Based on the hype and the early praise surrounding Final Fantasy 16, however, it’s safe to say that the Microsoft gaming company will be trying their hardest to bring the game over once the PlayStation exclusivity concludes.

While you wait for the Xbox port, though, we suggest checking out our early Final Fantasy 16 gameplay preview so you know what the game has in store for you.

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