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Final Fantasy 16 director reveals there will be no day one patch

Final Fantasy 16 no day one patch
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Final Fantasy 16 director Hiroshi Takai has revealed that their next open world adventure installment will not get a day one patch upon launch. The absence of the infamous release day update, which is a largely uncommon occurrence in today’s gaming landscape, comes as a bit of a welcome surprise since it signifies that Square Enix is confident in their finished product.

With the Final Fantasy 16 release date only a handful of weeks away, this news should come as a relief to fans since opening day updates often indicate lingering in-game issues. But now that early preview impressions have been made available as well, all signs point to the sixteenth mainline entry becoming one of the year’s best games once it’s launched.

According to Hiroshi Takai’s statements in a recent GameInformer interview, their development team had two main reasons as to why Final Fantasy 16 won’t need a release update. Aside from being completely confident in the final build, Takai also mentioned that they also recognize “that not everyone has access to internet needed to download a day one patch” in light of the game’s global simultaneous release.

With this in mind, there may still be a few bugs in the game that you could encounter during your playthrough. However, Square Enix doesn’t seem to see these current minor flaws as much of a hindrance to players so they may just release a post-launch patch later on in order to address anything they might have missed in its early days.

It’s also worth noting that their team is constantly testing their build daily so they may eventually find a big enough problem that will change their current plans. But, at the time of writing, everything seems to be running smoothly so fans will just have to remain patient for the time being until Final Fantasy 16 is released.

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