EA has lifted the lid on Fight Night Champion, the first new game in the hit boxing franchise since the release of Fight Night Round 4 back in June 2009.

In development for PS3 and Xbox 360, FN Champion comes from EA Canada and will sport a new single-player mode which promises to "break the mold of what is expected in a single-player sports game". EA's saying that players will experience an "entirely new way to step between the ropes and experience the drama, emotion, excitement and tragedy of world championship boxing".

Brian Hayes, Gameplay Producer on Fight Night Champion commented: "It's something people won't expect from an EA Sports game."

The game will feature between 60 and 65 boxers, and players will take control of the action with what EA is calling "Full Spectrum Punch Control". This promises to deliver the most realistic punching system ever seen, yet also be the most user-friendly title in the franchise's history.

In addition to the single-player, there'll also be new online features, though these are yet to be detailed.

The game's out in 2011. Look out for more details soon.