Fight Crab
by on Jul 27, 2020

Fight Crab scurries onto Switch in September

Fight Crab comes to Switch in September, letting players build the “ultimate crab warrior.” 

The campaign mode (yes, there’s a campaign) is seven chapters with more than 30 stages. There are 23 species of playable crabs, 48 different weapons, and special skills like the Crab Copter will devastate opponents.

Looking to play a more immersive role in your waterlogged wuxia? Use the Nintendo Switch Joy-Con motion controls to “freely manipulate limbs to punch, grab, and flip your way to victory,” then save the stills to your hard (shelled) drive using Photo Mode. 

Fight Crab comes to PC on July 30, and then will release for Switch on September 15. Watch the Switch trailer below. 


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