EA is promising more of the same arcade style four-on-four action that made FIFA Street such a hit with gamers. FIFA Street 2 will include a new trick stick beat system, all new gamebreakers, new locations from around the world and even more 'in your face' moves.

"FIFA Street is a game franchise with its own unique flair that celebrates footballl culture and styles from around the globe," said executive producer Wil Mozell. "We're very excited to be developing FIFA Street 2, a sequel with more depth, more killer moves from the street, and more than 300 top players and 20 national teams, which is going to deliver a truly immersive street football experience."

FIFA Street 2 is scheduled for a spring 2006 release on PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, PSP and PC. No next-gen version has been announced, but we're sure the series will find its way to Xbox 360 and others at some point in the future.