With the World Cup obviously shoving Football (soccer for lots of the world) into the faces of anyone with a TV, it's no great shock that Korea's most played online game is now FIFA Online.

According to EA, FIFA Online hit a high of 100,000 concurrent users, with the most people to play the game in a single day at a staggering 600,000. The game is still just in the open-beta phase, but its release to coincide with the World Cup was good timing on EA's part.

"We worked hard to get the game up and running in a time frame that allowed people [to] weave the online game into their overall summer soccer experience," EA spokeswoman Tammy Schachter told GameSpot. "Although the game is not tied to the World Cup, it made sense to launch it in a time frame when the world is celebrating soccer."

EA has hold of the FIFA license until 2014 and the FIFA Online Beta is a sign of a new direction the publisher is looking to take the series.